A and P Electronics is located at Oakland City Marketplace in Atlanta, GA and specializes in Electronics Sales, iPad Repair Services, Electronics Repair Services, Computer Repair Services, and more.

Price List

Other Services Available Upon Request

iPad Screen Replacement $99.99
PC Tune Up $40.00
Computer Diagnostic $50.00
Mail-in Computer Service $90.00
Phone Consultation $60.00
Data Back Up $100.00
Data Recovery $130.00
Data Migration $100.00
Operating System Install $65.00
Software Installation (price varies based on number of software installs required) $25.00 and up
Virus & Spyware Removal $100.00
Computer Set Up $55.00
Hardware Installation (price varies based on hardware) $60.00 and up
Peripheral Install/Set Up $30.00
System Restore (Must have CDs/DVDs) $90.00
Digitalize DVD's and CD's (must be original copies) $10 and up (price varies based on volume)
Custom Computer Builds Please Call for Pricing
Custom Speaker Builds Please Call for Pricing
Please contact us at (404) 692-2513 or at cs@aandpelectronics.com